The Hearts Of The Rebels

The Hearts Of The Rebels


THE HEARTS OF THE REBELS is simplicity with big emotion and it’s infiltrated by a good dose of what self care looked for that particular day. the tea filter from my cup of earl gray, an unintelligible scribble that i’d be glad to decipher for you if you ask me, and a drip drip drip of nail polish added on an impulse were all instinctive additions. this piece is what it looks like when you get lost in play.

aside from a smear of paint, none of the materials i used here are art supplies and this makes me downright giddy.

the collage features this fragment of poetry found in an old yellowed copy of “the land of OZ”:

“brave and fearless are
the hearts of the rebels.”

size: 9"x 12"

medium: acrylic, book pages, nail polish, tea filters, canvas wrapped board

palette: black, white, gray, red

inspiration: instinctive play, inhabiting my emotions

i ship the piece in a protective plastic sleeve and it can be displayed as is on a shelf or fireplace mantle. it would look great framed as well.

initialed on the front. signed, titled and dated on the reverse.

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